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Online Shopping for Kids and Baby Products on Jollee
Welcome to Jollee - Every Parent's go-to hub for online shopping for kids and the best baby products in India. Browse through a wide selection of top-rated kids products that are guaranteed to meet your child's every need.

Whether you're shopping for newborns or toddlers, we have everything you need to make your child's journey easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. Kids products on Jollee are designed to enhance your child's development, creativity and over all well-being.

New Born Baby Products Online
Welcoming a little one into the family is one of the most joyous occasions in life. As Moms and Dads embark on this journey, we aim to empower them with the best. Jollee offers high-quality essentials and gears at every stage of your baby's growth and developmental milestones. Discover the best baby products from the most trusted brands in India like baby care products from R for Rabbit, baby skin care products from Sebamed, Cetaphil, swaddle wrap, baby essentials from the mom store and more.

Shop from a certified range of baby strollers and prams, baby carriers, baby car seats and baby travel gear from Jollee. Make every journey with your baby safe and enjoyable with top baby travel gear on Jollee.

Choose from the best baby products like baby swing cradle, swing jhula, babyproofing kits, cradle for 1 year old baby, baby bassinet, newborn baby clothes like jhablas, onesies and rompers made from soft cotton, baby toothbrush, baby potty seat and more.

Explore Jollee's Gear Hub for strollers and prams for babies, baby car seats, forward-facing car seats, jhula for baby, convertible car seats for babies and toddlers, baby carrier for newborns, sling wraps for babies and babyproofing accessories.

Shop the Best Products for Kids from Jollee
From Toys and Games to Skincare for Kids, Jollee brings you the best products for kids from the most loved and trusted brands in India. Online shopping for kids is better than ever on Jollee.

Whether you're shopping for your baby, toddler or teenager, Jollee brings the best kids products for happy parenting and happier kids.

Most Fun Toys for Kids
Explore a wide range of toys for kids of all ages online from Jollee. From soft toys for babies to board games, discover the ultimate collection of toys & games online. Toys allow kids to learn through hands-on exploration and build fine and gross motor skills. That's why we offer toys that make playtime stimulating through child-led play. Encourage free exploration with pretend play toys, help develop real-life skills with kids learning toys and entertain with remote control toys, we have everything that your child loves.

Looking for birthday gifts for kids? No problem, browse through a selection of best-selling kids toys. Shop by age, toys for 1 year old, 6 months baby toys and more.

Find the most fun toys for boys and girls at the Jollee Toyland - The best online toy store.

Newborn and Baby Feeding Products on Jollee
Nourish your little one with love and the best feeding products on Jollee. Mealtime with your little one is a beautiful journey. At Jollee, we support your child's journey with the top feeding products for babies and toddlers made from 100% BPA-free and food-grade materials. Choose from a selection of baby bottles, glass feeding bottles, stainless steel feeding bottles, feeding spoon for kids, sippy cups for babies and toddlers and more feeding essentials online.

Explore Jollee's Mealtime Junction for the best feeding products for kids in India. Make mealtime

Online Store for Baby Travel Gear
Traveling with a baby can be difficult but with the right Baby Travel Gear, you can make the journey a lot more comfortable and easier. Whether you're going for short errands to the market or on a road trip with your baby, Jollee offers the best baby gear, certified for safety and comfort.

Shop the best baby gear products from the most trusted and loved brands online like r for rabbit stroller, car seats and strollers from Kinderkraft, baby carriers from Anmol Baby Carriers, Baybee and more.

Want to know which Baby Travel Gear is right for you? Explore Jollee's exclusive Buying Guide for Parents. (Link to Buying Guide)

Find the best baby gear products for your newborn and toddler in just a few clicks. Learn more about different baby gear products like forward facing car seats, rear facing car seats, strollers and prams, jogging stroller, baby carriers, ring sling, baby sling wrap and other gear.

Ride-On Car & Bikes for Babies and Toddlers
Fuel active play with an amazing collection of Ride On Car, Bikes and more for Babies and Toddlers. Spark smiles and adventure with kids ride ons, starting from baby cars and swing cars to electric ride-ons for toddlers and battery car for kids.

Develop Motor Skills, Balance and Coordination with a range of sturdy and stylish ride ons, push cars, battery-operated bikes, baby cars and swing cars for kids, all while having fun!

Battery cars for kids on Jollee are full of fun and interactive multimedia features like realistic driving controls, dazzling lights and music system. Battery ride-ons also feature a parental remote control for additional safety and peace of mind.

Choose from an exciting range of Battery Operated Ride-On Jeep for Kids, Electric Go Kart for Kids with music, led lights and push handle, Rechargeable Electric Bike for Kids & more.

Explore Jollee's Gear Hub for kids ride ons, baby cars, electric bikes, tricycles and bicycles for kids.

Buy Kids Wear & Baby Clothes Online
Shop for the cutest, trendiest and most comfortable kids wear and baby clothes online from Jollee. We offer a delightful selection of newborn baby clothes and kids wear for all ages, styles and occasions. From newborn baby dresses, onesies and rompers, jhabla dress to shirts, t-shirts for kids and adorable frocks and dresses for girls, we have everything you need to dress your little ones in pure softness and comfort.

Explore a range of trendy t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for boys and girls, Super-soft onesies and baby bodysuits in adorable prints and patterns and stylish kids partywear for birthdays, weddings etc.

Browse through an elegant selection of ethnic wear for kids on Jollee. Shop kurta for boys, lehenga choli for girls, top and dhoti set, kurta pyjama for boys, kurta salwar for girls, diwali dress for kids, raksha bandhan dress for girls and more.

Discover the perfect outfits for your little ones - Shop Kids Wear and Baby Clothes online from Jollee.

Dermatologically Approved Hair & Skincare for Kids
Nurturing your little one's delicate skin requires a little extra love and care. At Jollee, we offer a curated selection of gentle, pediatrician-tested hair & skincare for kids of all ages.

Discover the best kids skincare products online at Jollee. Our range includes natural skincare products for babies, ensuring only the purest ingredients for your child's sensitive skin, fragrance free baby lotion, baby moisturizer, face cream for kids, baby wipes, baby massage oil, hair oil for kids and more.

Going out with your little ones? Protect their skin from the harmful effects of UV rays with sunscreen for kids. Shop kids skincare products from the most loved brands like Mamaearth, Wow Skin Science, Sebamed Baby Products, Cetaphil, Maate and more.

Jollee: Your Trusted Partner in Parenthood
We understand that parents want the best for their children, that's why we only offer kids products from the most trusted brands that meet our standards. Our team of experts is constantly searching for the latest and greatest products, so you can trust that everything you find on Jollee is of the highest quality.

Your child’s safety & comfort matter the most, so we bring it directly to you - All in One Place, All on Jollee!
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The Jollee App is every Father's & Mother's go-to hub for high-quality and certified products for babies, newborns and kids. Discover a range of baby products, newborn essentials, games and toys for kids & more kids products, right at your fingertips.

The user-friendly design simplifies your experience and makes shopping for kids easy and intuitive. Experience Faster Browsing and Quicker Checkout with the Jollee App. Get access to great deals and offers, and shop from the most loved kids brands like R for Rabbit, Sebamed, Superbottoms, Joie, Baybee & more.

And that's not all! With the Dad Corner on the Jollee Android & iOS app, dads can access a vast resource of expert parenting advice. From short How-to Blogs and well-researched parenting blogs to pregnancy insights and baby's growth, we aim to assist dads on their parenting journey.

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Frequently Asked By Parents
Q1 Which products are good for a newborn baby?
The first few months are a whirlwind of feeding, diaper changes and figuring out the baby's sleep schedule. To help you navigate, here is a quick breakdown of newborn baby products:


Disposable or Cloth Diapers: When it comes to any baby product, consider your lifestyle and budget. Disposable Diapers are convenient and readily available, cloth diapers are reusable, eco-friendly, softer and also help save a significant amount of money. Stock up on different sizes – newborns grow fast!

Baby Wipes: Choose fragrance-free, pH balance and gentle wipes to avoid irritation. Look for packs with resealable closures to prevent drying out. Stash baby wipes everywhere around the house so you're always prepared.

Diaper Rash Cream: A diaper rash cream helps prevent and soothe diaper rash.

Baby Feeding Gear

Baby Bottle: Choose BPA-free bottles with slow-flow nipples to mimic breastfeeding and prevent overfeeding. Consider different nipple shapes to find what your baby prefers.

Breastfeeding Supplies: Stock up on Nursing Essentials like Breastfeeding Pillows, Breast Pumps for the Mother etc.

Baby Bibs: Waterproof bibs catch drool and spills – trust us, you'll need them! And once you introduce solids to your baby around 6 months of age, bibs will always come in handy.

Burp cloths: Soft, absorbent cloths are lifesavers for post-feeding burps

Baby Bedding Essentials

Swaddles: Soft, stretchy swaddles help calm newborns and promote better sleep. A swaddle mimics the feeling of a mother's womb that calms the baby down.

Sleep sacks & Sleep Beds: Once your baby outgrows swaddling, transition to wearable sleep sacks or Sleep Beds for warmth and security.

Baby Gear Products

Car seat: A safe and properly installed car seat is essential for every ride. Car Seats can reduce the risk of injury by 71% in case of accidents, making them an absolute essential. A rear-facing car seat is suitable for children between 0-2 years old. You can also choose a Convertible car seat for long term use.

Baby Stroller: A lightweight, easy-to-fold stroller is a must for errands and walks. You can also choose a feature-rich all-terrain stroller for more comfort, storage and additional features. Consider your lifestyle when choosing features like a bassinet attachment or cup holder, extra storage etc.

Diaper bag: A functional diaper bag with plenty of compartments helps you stay organized on the go.

Remember this is a quick breakdown to get you started, you should also explore other essentials like baby skincare, bathing essentials, toys etc.

Q2 Which toys are best for a newborn baby?
Newborns need simple and stimulating toys that support their rapid development, both sensory and physical. Here are the top picks for the first few months:
High Contrast Crib Mobiles & Board Books: Engage their developing vision with bold patterns and contrasting colours. Board books are also great as babies can interact with them without the worry of tearing them.
Textured rattles & teethers: Satisfy their grasping reflex and soothe sore gums. Opt for BPA-free, washable materials.
Baby Play Mats: Encourage tummy time which is crucial for strengthening their neck and back muscles. You can also place some rattles or teethers at a slight distance to help them reach, which helps babies in rolling and eventually crawling.
Focus on open-ended play. Let your baby explore and experiment, fostering their curiosity and creativity.

Q3 What are the Best Feeding Bottles for 1 Month old Baby?
During the first month, babies gradually increase their intake to around 100 ml per feed. So, you can choose baby feeding bottles ranging from 90ml to 180 ml capacity for a 1 month old baby.
Look for bottles with slow-flow nipples to mimic breastfeeding and prevent gas. Anti-colic designs can further reduce fussiness. BPA-free materials like silicone are safe and easy to clean.

Q4 What are the Must-Have Baby Travel Essentials?
Heading out with your little one? Don't forget these Baby Travel Essentials
  1. Diaper Bag: Carry all your baby essentials with ease. Pack enough diapers - About 1 per travel hour, baby wipes, diaper rash cream and rattle toys to keep your little one entertained.
  2. Car Seat: A car seat is essential for a baby's safety on the road. A car seat provides support to your baby's neck and spine, limiting movement and avoiding injury.
  3. Baby Carriers: A baby carrier is a must-have to keep your hands free while keeping your little one close. Baby carriers are also really helpful if you have to navigate through somewhat crowded areas like airports or markets.
  4. Entertainment Essentials: Teethers, high-contrast books, rattles and crinkly toys provide sensory stimulation and keep your baby occupied.

Q5 Which toys are best for a 1 year old?
One-year-olds are full of energy and exploration so, toys that promote open-ended play are perfect. Toys that stimulate their senses, develop motor skills, and encourage pretend play are highly recommended at this age.
Sensory Toys: Toys with high-contrast patterns and different materials and textures like busy boards, soft crochet dolls, activity cube toy etc.
Toys that build Motor Skills: Large, chunky blocks for grasping and stacking, push-and-pull toys that encourage walking, and shape sorters that challenge little hands are fantastic choices.
Montessori Toys: Montessori-based toys encourage independent learning through self-exploration. Wooden objects with natural textures, grasping toys like textured rings or stackers are great options.
Pretend Play Toys: A soft doll as a friendly companion, a toy car or toy phone for silly conversations or even simple pots and pans are great to spark your child's imagination and creativity.
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